Our Location - Lefkara village

Lefkara Village

The exodus of the people from the Troodos mountain villages from the 1930s through to the 1970s resulted in the abandonment of many of the dwellings in the village.  Go forward to the present day, and this was a blessing which kept the old feel of the village in tact.  The development of tourism in Cyprus has had little impact upon the traditional feel of the village. The use of new materials chosen for reasons of comfort and fashion has changed little the façades and interiors of traditional dwellings.  The result is a beautiful sanctuary where tourists can come and experience a bygone age with traditional crafts and cuisine, all within an hour's drive of modern cities like Limassol and Larnaca.

How to find us

Archontiko Kiverniti is located in the historical and beautiful village Lefkara. It is a brand new hotel offering a unique traditional Cypriot hospitality. The hotel is placed near the village center, in which you will find many restaurants, cafes, shops and much more.

Lefkara is 40km from Larnaca and 49km from Limassol.